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Application form VDA 6.3, renewal

Application for the extention of the qualification as VDA 6.3 certified process auditors

Preliminary remarks

Please submit the following documents to this application:

  • a copy of your valid certificate
  • proof of auditing experience (see appendix)
  • proof of knowledge of the Automotive Core Tools

All documents shall be submitted in English or national language.

The processing fee of 165 EUR (plus VAT) includes the application review and issue of a new VDA e-certificate.

Payment of 165 euro + vat has to be paid through a wire transfer to ANFIA SERVICE S.r.l. at Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Via Mazzini 14/16 - 10100 - Torino



Please attach a scanned copy of the wire transfer.

Or by Credit Card:

Link to payment by credit card:

The complete application shall be submitted by mail to your training office:

ANFIA Service S.r.l.

Federica Cagnani


Phone: +39 011 55 46 531

Mob.: +39 335 543 71 69

All fields are mandatory.

Applicant's data

Applicant's actual company address

Billing address

Please upload the referred proof document to each item.
1. Proof of the validity period
Copy of the current certificate (.pdf)


Copy of the current auditor card (.pdf)
2. Proof of auditing experience*
At least 5 (five) process audits and/or potential analysis (at least 10 audit days) as responsible auditor in the period of validity of the qualification. Internal as external process audits are accepted as well.
A maximum of two (2) process audits can be carried out as a remote audit or hybrid audit. As soon as an audit has been partially carried out remotely, it is considered a hybrid audit.
The following recommendation from the VDA provides guidance on the subject of VDA 6.3 remote audits: Link to recommendation
Please enter the conducted audits in the following list (all fields are mandatory):
Audit date Number of audit days Audited Organization Audited process(es) Type of audit:
* If evidence of the required audit experience cannot be provided, the qualification can be extended only by attendance at a "VDA 6.3 - Workshop for certified process auditors" (ID 341):
Certificate of attendance of "VDA 6.3 - Workshop for certified process auditors" (ID 341) (.pdf)
3. Proof of knowledge of the Automotive Core Tools
Certificate of qualification of "Automotive Core Tools for System and Process Auditors" (ID 417) (.pdf)


Certificate of attendance / certificate of VDA qualification "Automotive Core Tools Professional" (ID 415, 416 and possibly ID 450) (.pdf)


Proof of passed Online Quiz "Automotive Core Tools"** (.pdf)
** Alternatively to the VDA qualifications, evidence of a minimum two-day training about Automotive Core Tools by another training provider as well as the passing of an Automotive Core Tools online quiz is required.
If the expertise in automotive core tools has been acquired informally, that means during the professional activity, the quiz can also be completed without a formal proof of training (please attach a declaration by the relevant Manager that the automotive core tools skills are maintained through the job activity).
If the quiz is not passed, the training "Automotiv e Core Tools for System and Process Auditors" (ID 417) must be completed.
4. Further document (Optional) (.pdf)


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